Chronic Tension

One of my clients is unusually tense, and I'm finding it difficult to help him relax enough so I can do effective energy work with him. I'd appreciate any suggestions you can make.

First, make sure he's "hooked up" by holding the points on his navel and 3rd eye. Then do a "spinal flush" by massaging the neurolymphatics along his spine. This not only relieves tension, but also moves toxic energy out of the body.

Separating Heaven from Earth is an exercise you might lead him through. It helps move tense energies out of the body. What appears to be tension may be his efforts to hold his energies together because they are really very scrambled. I would check to see if the Wayne Cook posture (Chapter 3) is needed (put your finger about a foot in front of and to the left of his left eye and have his eyes follow as you move your finger to the far right—if he loses his strength on a general indicator test, it means he needs it).

With your client laying on his back, slip your fingers underneath his head, cradle his head with your middle fingers on his central lymphatic points (where the head meets the neck) and simply hold for a couple of minutes. A deep relaxation usually begins. I would follow this by gently holding the neurovascular points on his head. Use your hands and fingers to link points for triple warmer (the fight or flight meridian) with the main points on his forehead. Holding them for several minutes while he sits or lies quietly may make a big difference.

If he continues to remain tense, it may be that his energies are "frozen." The definition of a frozen meridian is that it (and the muscles related to it) have lost their natural electromagnetic polarity. Operationally, it means that there is no difference between the muscle’s energetic response to the positive and negative sides of a magnet. Unfreezing the triple warmer muscle at the bottom of the scapula (teres minor) will often help a person to let go of physical tension. See Q/A on "Frozen Muscles."

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