My 14-year-old daughter has diabetes. Are there any energy techniques that can help her? Although she has little self-discipline for daily exercises, I'll encourage her to practice whatever you recommend.

For the blood sugar to stay balanced, it is crucial that spleen meridian be kept strong. This is done primarily by sedating triple warmer—which drains energy from spleen—and then by directly strengthening spleen. In Energy Medicine, you'll note that there are several ways to do this, and I'd have your daughter use every way possible since what is required with this illness is to literally retrain a deeply held energy habit in her body. To strengthen spleen meridian:

  1. Hold the acupressure points for strengthening spleen (see p. 134). You can help her with this by holding them for her, but she may also be able to do it herself.
  2. Massage the spleen neurolymphatic points on the torso (p. 96).
  3. Hold the spleen neurovascular points on the head (p. 290).
  4. Tap the spleen points (part of the three thumps in Chapter 3) several times a day (p. 59).
  5. Flush spleen meridian by tracing it backwards one time and then forwards three times. You'll find a drawing on page 117.
  6. Liver meridian is also often involved in diabetes (as well as hypoglycemia). You can follow the same basic steps described here for spleen for balancing the liver meridian (p. 122).
  7. Do the "Daily Energy Routine" to maintain better harmony in her body (p. 72).

Changing the deep habit of a spleen/triple warmer imbalance will not only help keep her blood sugar in better balance, it can help create a new pattern of insulin production in her pancreas. The type of diabetes determines how much the illness can be turned around. If she was born without the ability to create insulin, she will probably always need to have it supplied externally, but even in that situation, the procedures described here will help her pancreas to function more optimally.

I know she's a teenager and that it is hard to implement this kind of discipline into her schedule, but encourage her to at least tap the spleen points several times each day and to flush her spleen meridian once or twice daily