Drained by EE Exercises

Can the energy enhancing exercises that you teach take energy away? I loved the opening chapters of your book and was motivated to start doing the "Daily Energy Routine" plus several of the other exercises. I started feeling worse, very low energy, on the second day, and after trying them a few more times I have given up.

Two things are likely. Whenever I’ve seen a client’s energies drain from the exercises in the "Daily Energy Routine," the person was homolateral. This has been the case in every instance I have known. If a person is homolateral, doing the homolateral crossover (p. 233) once or twice daily is critical if everything else is to work.

The other dynamic that may be at play is that because the energy exercises are designed to shift established energy habits in order to improve the flow of energy through your body, the triple warmer meridian, whose job is to maintain habits and homeostasis, may be treating the exercises as a threat. See the discussion on calming and sedating triple warmer that begins on page 235.

EverettDrained by EE Exercises