Feline Infectious Peritonitis

My kitten, Vinnie, is 5 months old and has come down with a virus, probably Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Sadly, this virus is robbing him of his energy and vitality, and it is causing his intestinal walls to leak, resulting in a bloated belly. I've tried helping him with allopathic medicine, homeopathy, a raw diet, tracing figure eights over his belly, and massaging his neurolymphatics, yet he continues to decline. He is such a wonderful spirit being, and I don't want to lose him. This little guy accompanies me on hikes, goes to work with me, and communicates with me on a spiritual level. Can you please give me any other ideas?

I of course can’t be certain what Vinnie needs without seeing his energy, but let me venture a guess. When an infection is present, especially such a severe one, the spleen meridian tends to lose its life force. Bloating further suggests that his spleen meridian is in trouble, so I would definitely strengthen it for him. I would also have someone gently hold Vinnie while you use a surrogate test to determine if either his stomach or small intestine meridian also need attention. Once you've learned if either needs treatment, test further to determine if you can help best by sedating or strengthening the meridian.

Often, when an immune system is compromised, I recommend sedating triple warmer along with strengthening the spleen, but because he is such a young cat and may be fighting for his life, I would only do this if a surrogate test indicated that it was needed.

There's a wonderful book on energy methods for animals, entitled Four Paws, Five Directions, and you might look to it for other ideas. We are animal lovers and send our blessing to Vinnie and to you.

EverettFeline Infectious Peritonitis