A dear friend of mine has serious emphysema and is being evaluated for a lung transplant. So far, she hasn't been willing to consider anything outside of traditional medicine, but she might change her mind one of these days and I'd like to know if energy medicine could help her. Your class at my Unity Church while I was battling bladder cancer several years ago set me on a life-saving course, and that experience left me with a passion for alternative medicine. I’m hoping that my friend will soon open to these possibilities.

Because energy medicine is non-invasive, gentle, and not prone to serious negative side effects, people are often willing to try its methods even though they may be skeptical at first. Further, it will not interfere with, and often complements, more traditional courses of treatment. You could suggest to your friend that she might feel a little better if she does the following simple exercises. You or someone else can help her with them if she is in a weakened state:

  • Have her do a hook-up (described on page 119 of Energy Medicine -- you can hold the points for her if it is too exhausting for her to hold them herself).
  • Flush lung meridian on both sides of her body. Simply trace the meridian backwards one time with your hand and then forwards three times. See p. 107 for a drawing of this meridian pathway.
  • Work with the pain chasing technique described in Chapter 10 for lung meridian and see if it helps to rid her of any tender spots along the meridian pathway.
  • Massage the neurolymphatic reflex points for both lung meridian (on the sternum and between the ribs) and for the central vessel (where the arms hook onto the torso). These spots are illustrated on p. 85. They are usually tender because toxic energies tend to get clogged in them.
  • Finally, hold the neurovascular points on her head for about 3 to 5 minutes. Use your hands to lightly hold spots both on the top of her head and on her forehead. This will help the circulation to her lungs.

If she finds some relief from these procedures and wants to pursue an energy approach more aggressively, finding a qualified energy practitioner would be a natural next step, but even these techniques, done with consistency, might help considerably. When someone is in a health crisis, as your friend seems to be, it would be ideal to do these techniques at least 3 or 4 times a day, although there is always a dance between what is ideal, what is practical, and what her stamina will allow.