Energy Testing – If Everything Tests Strong

When I tested my son for allergies, he remained strong on everything—even poison!   I then tried a few friends, and they reacted the same way.  I am so disappointed because now they do not think anything in your book works. What am I doing wrong?

Without having seen what was going on, here are my suspicions. The most important thing to know is that this is not a contest of will or strength. Sometimes people throw in all of their muscle strength, including all the auxiliary muscles that support the muscle being tested. But what you are wanting to test is whether the energy is flowing. Putting all one’s muscle strength into the test begins to test something different from the flow of energy. Think of pushing against a wall. You don’t need to use all your strength to know that the wall is going to stay standing. You can push lightly and know it is solid.

Testing family members can also be tricky. In the mother-child relationship, for instance, the mother is wired to be giving healing energy to the child, and the energy test can be picking up this influx of energy rather than the substance being tested. There can also be a surrogate relationship that is unintentionally formed between family members, where the test is providing information about the tester rather than the person being tested.

Then once you had an obviously inaccurate result with your son in front of everyone, your confidence was gone and the test with the other people may have been influenced by your fears or their growing skepticism. There are a number of important nuances in energy testing (see closing discussion of Chapter 2).

There is, however, no substitute for practice and confidence in getting accurate results. One of the best ways to develop confidence is to set up some "double-blind" situations so you can know after the test whether the results were accurate and build a track record of accurate tests (also discussed in Chapter 2). There are two other conditions, however, which may confound an energy test, and these are always taught in more advanced classes: "frozen" muscles and "switched or scrambled" energies:

  1. Sometimes, muscles can become "frozen." What is happening is that the body’s cells, which are actually tiny batteries, lose their polarity. The inside of the cell, which normally has a "positive" charge, and the outside, which normally holds a negative charge, both wind up having the same charge or a neutral charge. When this occurs, energy cannot move in and out of the cells or the muscles and organs made up of those cells. While learning how to correct for frozen muscles is a more advanced technique that generally I only teach in classes where I can supervise the person’s work, I do address it in another Q/A (see "Frozen Muscles").
  2. Sometimes, a person’s energies may be "switched." This means that the meridian energies are running in the opposite direction from their normal flow. This will confound an energy test of that meridian. This is also true for "scrambled" energies, where the meridian energies are uneven in their flow or move off their natural pathways or aren’t crossing over or are colliding with other energy systems. The 5-minute daily routine is designed to restore and keep such energies in alignment and to build patterns and habits that keep the energies from becoming switched and scrambled.

Energy testing is a reliable procedure backed by increasing numbers of research studies being published in reputable journals, but it is also an art, and it is an art worth cultivating.

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