Energy Testing a Substance: Is Skin Contact Necessary?

Does the skin have to have contact with the item in an energy test? Will the test still be valid if I am testing a vitamin through a jar while still in the store?

Skin contact through the semi-permeable membranes in your hand or mouth is the most reliable way to energy check an item.  However, because energy fields extend out from the body as well as out from the substance, you can get reasonably reliable results by simply having the substance in your energy field and then performing an energy test using a general indicator muscle such as the spleen test (Chapter 2). It is important to keep in mind, however, that the less direct the contact the greater the opportunity for other factors to influence the outcome. For instance, I find that if I am energy testing vitamins through glass, it rarely affects the outcome, but if they are packaged in plastic, it is more likely that the packaging will get in the way.

One more thing about testing vitamins and other supplements. If you can find a weak meridian and see if the vitamin or substance will make it strong, rather than to see if the substance weakens a strong meridian, this gives additional information. This will tell you that the substance will have a beneficial effect rather than just that it will not harm you. An easy way to do this is to have the person who is doing the energy test flutter a hand over the area just under your left breast. This will temporarily result in a weakened general indicator test. Immediately place the substance in your hand or your energy field and you will see if the vitamin strengthens you.

EverettEnergy Testing a Substance: Is Skin Contact Necessary?