Energy Testing and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

I have been devouring your book and tape series since I attended your recent lecture in Portland. It was an extremely enthusiastic crowd and arms waved like grain in the wind with questions. Mine didn't get answered. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and am reactive to even the most ordinary environments. I’ve had no luck with allergy doctors or the usual alternative therapies such as homeopathy and acupuncture. I am working with a naturopath who is trying to figure out how to help me, and he has already given me one really valuable tool, which is energy testing. Since he taught it to me, I have been relying on it heavily to determine what is safe for me.

But both energy testing and a Vega testing machine indicate that certain compounds my naturopath would like me to take, and which wipe me out, should make me much stronger. If I take even one drop of what he gives me, I have extraordinary reactions—awake for 36 hours, incapacitated with flu-like symptoms for two days, etc. How can this be? Energy testing seems to be accurate with many other things, but not for these remedies.

I am sorry your question didn't get answered at the lecture. Without being able to watch what happens to your energy when you are being energy tested, I can only venture some guesses about what may be helpful.

First, I would test specific meridians rather than using a general indicator test. Begin with the spleen meridian test and then, for verification, have your naturopath follow it with the kidney meridian test. Spleen is the most likely test to detect potential problems in metabolizing a substance that other meridians might show to be agreeable with them (your body may need it, but if it can't metabolize it, the substance can still cause harm). Another reason not to rely on a general indicator test (such as the stomach) is that the beliefs and expectations of the practitioner or of the person being tested are more likely to interfere. The reasons I would verify the results by testing the kidney meridian are: 1) kidney meridian governs the organ that filters and moves toxins out of your body, 2) it is a junction meridian (it affects all the other meridians), and 3) it governs the life force, so kidney meridian responds quickly when a substance compromises the body’s energies. You might also review the "nuances" of energy testing in Chapter 2 of Energy Medicine.

Your practitioner can also place the remedy on your alarm points in order to determine its impact on each individual meridian.

I have a lot of sympathy for you with multiple chemical sensitivities, and I believe the route out of this dilemma is to strengthen and reprogram your immune system so your body learns to adapt rather than go into allergic reactions. I hope you will continue to find Energy Medicine to be helpful as you formulate a strategy to accomplish this.

EverettEnergy Testing and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities