Getting Pregnant

I have been using many of your processes in my sessions and teaching clients the "Daily Energy Routine." They are a great complement to my own work as an energy-oriented psychotherapist. I am wondering if you can recommend a process or technique for someone who wants to get pregnant. I happen to have 3 female clients at the moment, all in their 20's, who have wanted to get pregnant for over the past year. Each has had a thorough gynecological exam, and there does not seem to be a medical problem. One did have some endometriosis that was surgically remedied. I am interested in what I can do in a session and/or teach them to do on their own. What energy blocks or impairments are hindering their ability to conceive?

It is of course difficult to recommend a technique without testing or seeing the person’s energy. A variety of energy patterns can interfere with becoming pregnant. I will mention the two that are the most common and suggest a strategy for working with each.

The first involves disturbances in the circulation-sex meridian. Its flow can become constricted even by something as innocuous as when a person is "trying too hard" to become pregnant. The correction is, basically, to "loosen up" the circulation-sex meridian by sedating and then strengthening it using the acupuncture points (p. 122 of Energy Medicine), massaging its neurolymphatic reflex points (p. 84), holding its neurovascular points (p. 274), and "flushing" it (p. 105, backwards one time, forward three times).

A second place to look is actually related. Triple warmer energy may be controlling and constricting the energies of the circulation-sex meridian since the two meridians sit as partners on the same element (see p. 210). If so, triple warmer will need to be sedated (see p. 235). Neither of these approaches will be harmful, and even if they are not actually needed, one or both may be just the ticket.

And there is a third thing to look at. Kidney meridian is always involved in getting pregnant. But not always on the woman’s side. It may be in the male’s energy. So everything you can do to care for both partner s’ kidney meridians will be good, including first sedating and then strengthening the meridian (p. 121), clearing its neurolymphatic points (p. 84), and holding its neurovascular points (p. 274) to keep a healthy circulation of blood through the kidneys.

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