Multiple Sclerosis

I’m a registered nurse working in an office that treats many multiple sclerosis patients. Your book describes a woman who achieved great results from what you taught her. Can you tell me what techniques you used? Does it have something to do with triple warmer?

I believe you are referring to Beverly (Energy Medicine pp. 246–247). Multiple sclerosis involves an autoimmune process—an abnormal immune response directed against one’s own central nervous system, particularly the myelin sheaths that cover the nerves. You are on the right track with suspecting that triple warmer is involved. Triple warmer is the energy that aggressively mobilizes all the systems in your body to fight.

Because we are all bombarded with unprecedented stresses and toxins on a daily basis, triple warmer is continuously activated. For some people because of genetic or other predispositions, this leads to disorders of the immune system, such as multiple sclerosis. Because environmental and lifestyle-caused stresses are only getting worse, autoimmune disease may well be the illness of the future.

When I met Beverly, her energy looked like a series of blown circuits. Triple warmer meridian was in a perpetual state of emergency, and her immune system, nervous system, and circulatory system were oscillating among fight, flight, and freeze. This habitual emergency response needed to be interrupted. Without stopping this pattern, any healing work would not have had lasting impact. Here is what I did:

  • The entire first session was dedicated to communicating to her hypothalamus (which governs triple warmer) the message that she was safe. I did this by first sedating triple warmer (see Chapter 8 in Energy Medicine) and then balancing out all of the energies, most specifically her meridian acupressure points, neurolymphatic reflexes, and chakras.
  • Her energies were homolateral, so the Homolateral Crossover (Energy Medicine pp. 250 - 252) was an important part of her homework.
  • She needed to establish some strong crossover patterns, so I taught her the Celtic Weave, and all the rhythmic 8 techniques in Chapter 6 of Energy Medicine.
  • In addition, Beverly integrated nutritional support (she particularly needed more protein, which is very often the case with MS patients, as well as potassium to alleviate tingling, chromium, and Butcher’s Broom—all this can be energy tested) and specific energy techniques for a hypoglycemic condition (which includes strengthening the spleen and sedating triple warmer). Because she was connected to a hospital clinic, she began to teach other multiple sclerosis patients the techniques that were helping her, and this cemented them in for her. She also learned how to establish stronger emotional and physical boundaries, which I’ve found is often an issue for MS patients.
  • Finally, she was given techniques designed to keep her energies unscrambled and flowing, essentially the five-minute daily routine, Separating Heaven and Earth, pumping up the cerebral spinal fluid, and Heaven Rushing In when she felt despair or didn’t know what else to do. One additional principle for treating people with multiple sclerosis is that they need time to integrate energy shifts. So don’t rush the process, pause between techniques, and remind them that they must likewise pace their lives. A balance between action and rest is essential for all of us, but even more so here.

Autoimmune illnesses can be greatly helped by an energy medicine approach. While Western medicine can only suppress the symptoms of these disorders, working with their energetic foundation can get to their core. This not only initiates healing forces, it literally reverses the immune system’s attack on its own body. And I have seen MRI reports where the myelin sheaths literally regrew after a series of energy medicine treatments, something many people who work with MS believe cannot happen. While there is still a lot to learn about how to help people with MS, energy medicine already has a great deal to offer.

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