Night Terrors

I recently suffered an awful experience. While I was not physically hurt, I was terrorized. I have worked through much of this pain, but occasionally at night I still feel terror. What can I do to ease this?

It sounds like a meridian called triple warmer, which governs the fight or flight response, is on over-alert and can’t turn off. The fear you experience deep in the night may be that triple warmer does not want you to give up your vigilance. It wants to keep you on alert so you do not let your guard down. By calming triple warmer when the fear is there, you retrain it, you show it that you understand the fear and you tell it in its language that you are managing the situation and that it is safe now. Be ready with these techniques for when the terror comes: 1) do the "hook-up" (Energy Medicine p. 119) while breathing deeply, 2) "smooth behind the ears" (Energy Medicine pp. 235 – 236), and 3) tap for up to a minute on the back sides of your hands, between the 4th and 5th fingers, just below the knuckles and toward the wrist.

Finally, each evening before you go to sleep, or if the terror returns, place one hand on your forehead and the other at the back of your head, with your thumb just below the occipital ridge (where your neck and head connect) and the rest of your hand above it. Hold for about a minute. You will simultaneously be holding several points that are involved with fear and others that act to calm the entire body

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