Osteoarthritis of the Knee

What can I do for osteoarthritis in my right knee?

Without seeing your energies, I can only give some very general guidelines. Techniques that are likely to be helpful include:

  • Look at the meridian diagrams on pp. 101 – 109 of Energy Medicine and the "Muscle Meridian Chart" on page 287. Determine which meridian or muscle runs through the portion of your knee that bothers you. Hold the acupuncture sedating points for that meridian (pp. 120 – 123). If your leg feels weak after you hold these points, follow the sedating points with the strengthening points.
  • Hold your thumb and first two fingers softly behind your knee for three or four minutes. The neurovascular points there will pull blood to the area.
  • There is a technique, certainly a part of energy medicine but a field onto itself, called orthobionomy (numerous listings can be found on search engines such as Google). It basically deals with placing the middle finger on an area of pain and then folding up the body or the muscles up around the finger so you have taken the tension off of that area. There is no set time frame for this, but it is usually less than two minutes. After you stop holding, check the point again by pressing in on it. You will often find that the pain is gone.
  • Many people report that zone tapping (Energy Medicine p. 288) has been very helpful to people with their knees as well as many other forms of chronic pain.

Weave a figure 8 in and above the energy field all around the area of the pain.

EverettOsteoarthritis of the Knee