My father suffers from reoccurring bouts of pneumonia and seems to be resistant to antibiotics. Suggestions?

Without being able to see him and his unique energy patterns, I can only tell you of generic treatments for recurrent bouts of pneumonia. During one of the bouts, it will help him if you work his chakras (Chapter 5 of Energy Medicine). This not only gets all of the energy centers into balance and harmony, it "stirs the pot," moving through old layers of disturbed and clogged energies. Then clear his back neurolymphatics with a spinal flush (p. 79) and massage the neurolymphatic points on the front of his body (p. 84). This will move the toxins that have become "stirred," as well as other toxins, out of the lymph system and into the blood stream, where they can be eliminated. Finally, sedate the meridians on the organs that are directly involved with pneumonia – lung and large intestine – using the acupuncture sedating points (p. 120). This combination about twice each day should help move the symptoms out of his body, and if done a few times each week after he is well should help prevent future occurrences. Also, teach him the neurolymphatic points on lung meridian (p. 85) and have him massage them daily