Sedating Triple Warmer “Is Not for Sissies”

Having attended one of your workshops specific to weight loss issues, I would like to share some of the results several of us, vigilant about sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen, have experienced. Initially there was wonderful euphoria, with feelings of well-being and contentment. Then, as if triple warmer was rearing up in rebellion, most of the women experienced surges of crying jags, anger, and confusion. These flashes came out of nowhere and passed through quickly, but left us shaken and disoriented. Old personal issues were/are reappearing and creating momentary chaos. My theory regarding this process relates to addiction work.

One of the reasons women overeat is to suppress painful feelings and memories. As triple warmer was sedated and spleen strengthened, these feelings surfaced. Registering the unsettled feelings, triple warmer became threatened about having let its guard down and having given more power to the spleen meridian, and it reflexively overreacted, causing a transitional roller coaster response. Overall, the whole process, although difficult, has felt positive. But our motto has evolved from "free your body" to "sedating triple warmer is not for sissies!" Would you please comment on our process and theory?

A. "Sedating triple warmer is not for sissies" says it all! I have been through everything you've described and would like to add a few more comments about your experiences.

Triple warmer has no inclination toward letting go of old patterns, especially survival habits. And it is very smart! Remember, as your body's militia (see Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine), it has established strategies which have literally saved your life. Even during the time of euphoria you all experienced, triple warmer was building new strategies to undercut the changes and return to the earlier patterns where it was in control.

I will warn you about a repetitive pattern I've witnessed with groups attempting to control their weight or overcome addictions. As the positive results show themselves, such as with weight loss followed by euphoria, the individuals become less vigilant about maintaining energy routines, personal contact with other group members, and overall group support. People just "forget." Triple warmer is tricky and as you become less vigilant in changing the energy habits, it sees this opening, and moves in for the coup and a return to the old rule. Making you forget your new routines is its path of least resistance.

You need to support the entire system during a change process, and this involves continually "reassuring" triple warmer as the transition occurs. Sometime after you have begun sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen, within 30 days approximately, begin to sedate and then STRENGTHEN triple warmer before strengthening both spleen and stomach.

It is also helpful to internally speak to triple warmer as you sedate it. Consciously honor its contribution to your health. Your energy systems are responsive to your conscious intentions. As you flush the triple warmer meridian or hold its sedating points, you might mindfully acknowledge that this is an incredibly intelligent energy system, the mastermind of your immune system, and thank it for its care and protection and its role in keeping you alive and healthy. Assure it that you are looking out for your body’s well-being with these interventions and encourage it to trust you, to relax, and to withdraw the "troops." At the same time, encourage it to keep the troops, the resources of your immune system, fit and in readiness for real threats to your health.

This practice affirms triple warmer's value, diffuses defensiveness, and heads off a reactionary panic. As you win triple warmer’s confidence and cooperation, the harmony of spleen, triple warmer, and stomach can be restored. As old energy habits are released, calories are burned, and weight is lost—all within a smoother and less labile experience

EverettSedating Triple Warmer “Is Not for Sissies”