Respiratory Infection

Since first meeting you last October and starting to read Energy Medicine, I have been working with the techniques religiously and have experienced some incredible results. I have a very close friend who is experiencing some health problems, and I am trying to help her as well. I am hoping that you may be able to offer some insight. Joan is very active, working as an attorney, and also the mother of 3 small children aged 8 months to 3? yrs. Since the oldest was born, she has been living with an almost constant cold or respiratory infection. Her doctor has prescribed several antibiotic regimins, steroids, and decongestants, but nothing has helped. She has been tested for allergies and none have been identified. She had her air conditioning ducts checked for mold. Her doctor is at a loss and has suggested she visit the Mayo Clinic.

I energy tested her and found that she was homolateral, her energies were running backward, and she was very tender at almost all of her lymphatic sites. We did the "three thumps." I massaged all of her lymphatics, including the spinal flush, and we also did several rounds of cross crawl. She said that she was feeling a little more energized after all of this, but I am not sure where to go from here. I have not tested her on any foods or supplements as yet, and I did not ask if there is any particular time of day or night when she feels a noticeable change. Please let me know if you think I am on the right track and if there is anything else I can do for her.

A. I am impressed by your persistence at tracking down solutions for your friend's problem. I do think you are on the right track. Continue what you are already doing, particularly encouraging her to do the homolateral crossover several times per day until she establishes a heterolateral pattern that holds. Encourage her to continue working her lymphatic points as well.

I think it would also help her to understand how triple warmer and spleen may be involved in her problems (Energy Medicine Chapter 8). My suspicion is that triple warmer is robbing vital energy from her whole body, especially spleen. Just getting those two into balance and keeping them there might correct an awful lot.

Another key area to stay on top of, not surprisingly, is lung meridian. Do everything you know to get it balanced and strong—tracing, flushing, acupuncture sedating and strengthening points, neurolymphatics, neurovasculars, and also consider "pain chasing" (see Energy Medicine Chapter 10) along the entire meridian.

Because lung meridian’s polarity is bladder meridian, and bladder meridian also governs the nervous system, I would suspect that bladder meridian is involved. Plus as an attorney with three small children, I can only imagine that her nervous system, and thus bladder meridian, would be overstimulated. So she might also find benefits from regularly sedating bladder meridian.

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