Spinal Cord Narrowing

Over fifty years ago, at age sixteen, I broke my neck in a diving accident and was hospitalized for three months. Thankfully, my recovery from the initial paralysis was nearly complete and I retained only a slight limp. I was able to lead a full life, marry a wonderful lady, and have five children. Seven years ago, however, I broke my hip and since that time I’ve needed the use of a walker and a wheelchair to get around. Doctors tell me that my spinal cord has narrowed, and that this has slowed down the communication signals between my brain and my body. Are there any energy exercises that could address this problem?

Yes, several come to mind. The first is to have someone do a "spinal flush" on you every day with great deliberation and care. Essentially a spinal flush involves having someone massage along each side of your spine in order to stimulate key neurolymphatic points (see p. 79 of Energy Medicine). This will flush toxic energy from your body, leaving you deeply relaxed and with your energies flowing. It is normal for these points to be tender at first, but most people really enjoy having this done. Not only does it clear toxins from the body, it also pumps the cerebrospinal fluid that flows along the spine.

Another superb technique for working with cerebrospinal fluid was taught to me by a Hopi elder and is described on page 285 - Energy Medicine.

A third exercise, which you can do while sitting down, is called "pumping the cerebral spinal fluid." It combines deep breathing with a series of hand positions. Begin with a crown pull (Energy Medicine p. 77). Then:

  1. Place your left hand in the middle of your chest and simultaneously place your right hand on the right side of your head above the ear with your fingers pointing upward towards the crown of your head. Take about four deep, slow breaths as you hold this position.
  2. Leave your left hand in place and move your right hand to cover the lower back part of your head over the occipital area. Take a few more slow, deep breaths.
  3. Move your right hand to the middle of your chest and place your left hand on the left side of your head with fingers pointing upwards as before. Breathe deeply and slowly.
  4. Leave your left hand in place, and put your right hand over your forehead with finger pointing upwards. Again, take a few more slow breaths.

This exercise occasionally makes people a bit dizzy, but this only indicates that it was needed (cerebral spinal fluid that was sluggish starts to move more quickly) and the dizziness usually passes quickly.

After the spinal flush or the Hopi technique, you might ask a family member or friend to do one more thing for you. Lie face down and have him or her place one hand on your sacrum and the other at the base of your neck, and rock you very gently back and forth for one to two minutes. The rocking motion frees energy to move between the vertebrae of the spine.

All of the above exercises unblock clogged energy and help to make space in the body for energy to flow. You might find it valuable to do them one or more times daily.

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