Chronic Anger

Can your techniques help me with chronic anger? I am really a very nice person, but no one knows it because all this rage builds up in me and just explodes with the slightest provocation.

Many people are victim to destructive emotions they do not know how to manage. Energy work can empower you to become fully responsible for your behaviors by significantly reducing the charge on your rage so that you will be able to handle it.

The following routine will both move the energy that fuels your anger out of your body and it will bring in positive energy to replace it:

  1. Do the "Expelling the Venom" exercise (p. 219) several times each day.
  2. Do a zip-up (p. 82), paired with an affirmation related to your problem with anger, such as "I am feeling joy and peace replacing my anger."
  3. Hold your frontal neurovascular points (the "Oh my God" points) and your "anger" (gall bladder) neurovascular points (p. 217).
  4. Do the Wayne Cook posture (p. 73).
  5. Do all the stretching you can. This will help make space so anger can quickly move through and out of your system and fresh energy can easily enter.
  6. Do the temporal tap (p. 332) with affirmations designed to change your habitual outbursts.
  7. The "Heaven Rushing In" technique (p. 21) can help you begin to feel more connected to the universe, more aligned with the cosmos and everything in it.

Of course you may also want to consider a psychological approach, seeking help from a qualified psychotherapist, but often energetically reducing the emotional pressure frees a person to work out the psychological dimension of the problem.

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