Chronic Fatigue

I have a job that requires that I do many things at once.  As a result, I feel pulled and drained all the time.  I have been told I have a depleted kidney meridian.   Does that have anything to do with triple warmer?  Does my kidney energy have anything to do with my always feeling drained?

Yes, kidney energy is very important in how you feel.  When the kidney meridian is depleted, all the meridian energies in the body often become reversed, literally flowing backwards, causing you to feel utter exhaustion. So the "three thumps," which begin with the endpoint of kidney meridian (K-27), are a good place to start. But other energies may be involved as well. For starters, I would check to see if your energies are failing to cross over (corrected by the homolateral cross-over and figure 8s).

It is also probable that your triple warmer meridian is "on alert."  Triple warmer governs the adrenals.  When kidney meridian is not strong enough to supply the body with enough of its energy, triple warmer draws extra energy from your adrenals. This can then become habitual. Triple warmer holds habits in place, and it can establish dysfunctional as well as efficient energy habits, such as maintaining a depletion of kidney energy. Whenever you feel "pulled and drained," find a way to remind yourself to do the following: "Smooth behind the ears" (pp. 235 – 236). Then do a "hook up" (p. 119) for at least a minute.  First, you will be interrupting the energy habit mid-stream. Second, you will be shifting the habit with the smoothing and the hook-up. This will help triple warmer go off of alert. Sedating and then strengthening kidney meridian using the acupuncture holding points will then be able to address the problem without interference.

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