Depression from Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long

Is it possible to hold someone's triple warmer for too long? In an effort to become deeply relaxed, I had my wife hold my triple warmer points well beyond the point when I sighed [the sign that indicates an energy connection], and I found, unexpectedly, that I began to feel depressed. I read somewhere that triple warmer is associated with the thyroid, and I am aware that this endocrine gland impacts mood.

Actually, it is possible that sedating triple warmer for too long could cause depression, especially if it is not balanced by strengthening the spleen meridian.

And you are right that the thyroid gland could be involved. The thyroid is actually governed by the balance of triple warmer and spleen, not just the triple warmer alone. So be sure to work with the two together – sedating triple warmer and strengthening spleen. Triple warmer is a powerful and assertive life force, and if you take its power away without providing the counterbalance of spleen energy, depression is possible.

Depression can also result from problems with the large intestine meridian as well as with an imbalance between triple warmer and spleen. An energy test will help you to determine which meridians are involved. From there you can experiment with the various ways described in Energy Medicine for bringing a meridian into a good flow and balance, such as tracing the meridian, flushing it, holding the relevant acupuncture sedating or strengthening points or the neurovascular points, massaging the neurolymphatic points, etc

EverettDepression from Sedating Triple Warmer Too Long