Graves Disease

I have Graves disease and am facing the prospect of having radioactive treatment designed to kill my thyroid. I would consequently have to take medication for the rest of my life.  Can energy medicine offer an alternative treatment?

The triple warmer meridian governs the thyroid. Graves disease involves triple warmer having been in a state of panic for so long that it does not know how to properly manage the thyroid.  Without seeing your unique energies, I cannot tell you which energy techniques would be most helpful, but I can offer some best guesses. In my experience, sedating triple warmer via the acupressure points, and then strengthening it, followed by strengthening heart and spleen, also using the acupressure points, can alter the direction of this disease.  Balancing all body’s energies is also very important.  The "Daily Energy Routine," coupled with tracing the 14 meridians (easiest to learn from the videotapes), is a good way to accomplish this

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