Pacemakers and the Thymus Thump

I work with seniors doing reflexology and have recently taught many of them to do the three thumps to boost their energy levels. Most of them find it easy to tap on their collarbones, thymus and spleen points, but here's my question: Does the thymus thump need to be modified for those who have pacemakers? 

I have never seen the thymus thump (p. 78) be a problem for anyone with a pacemaker. However, I have noticed that people who have pacemakers tend to automatically tap more softly and usually use their fingertips rather than a clenched fist as they tap. This helps them to pinpoint the sternum area (below which the thymus lies) and to avoid the pacemaker. You can instruct your clients who have pacemakers to make these modifications to the thymus thump.

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EverettPacemakers and the Thymus Thump