Pain and Acupressure Points

On a few occasions I have held acupressure points to relieve pain for a few friends, but I haven't been getting the results I'd hoped for. What else can I do to bring about deeper, more lasting relief for them?

The sedating points are not always enough to relieve pain. I've often found it helpful to first hold the sedating points on both sides of the body and then hold the strengthening points. This combination brings a rush of fresh energy through the meridian that is affected, and it does a more thorough job of dispersing the pain signals.

Look at the muscle meridian chart on page 286 of Energy Medicine and find the muscle that is associated with the area of pain. This will not only help you identify the most important meridian involved with the pain, it will lead you to another option. You can reset the spindle cell mechanism within the muscle by gently stretching it apart with your fingertips and thumbs and then lightly pinching the skin over the center of the muscle. This sends a signal to the muscle and nerve cells to let go of tension and pain.

Also, look in Energy Medicine Chapter 11 at the discussion about the application of magnets to relieve pain. Magnets can be quite beneficial, but you need to use them carefully, and that chapter describes how to do this.

Finally, pain can also be relieved by using chakra-clearing techniques. Because small "chakras," vortexes of swirling energy, form over areas of pain and wounds, keeping this energy moving can be quite helpful. Simply rotate the left hand in a slow, counterclockwise, circular motion over the part of the body that hurts. This draws out stagnant energy and relieves pain. Do this for a few minutes, but not more than five minutes. Then move your hand in a clockwise motion to balance the energy you have just cleared.

EverettPain and Acupressure Points