Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – RSD

I have a patient suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy. As you probably know, RSD is an involuntary response to trauma. The trauma that initiates this disease can be as benign as tripping on a stair or bumping a shin. In my patient’s case, she dropped a wrench on her wrist. These injuries set off micro spasms in the blood vessels that supply the extremities. It is an acute pain you cannot get away from. There is no medical cure. The pain is so horrible and unrelenting that my patient has been thinking about suicide. Can you help me help her?​​​

This is a terrible condition. Energy interventions can help, but some trial and error will be involved. I will suggest the three possible remedies that, without seeing her energies, I suspect are the best bets. The first is to tape small, weak magnets to the area where the pain is the worst. Tape the north side against her skin. She needs to monitor when the magnet should be taken off and reapplied, using the guidelines discussed in Chapter 11 of Energy Medicine. The second approach is to hold the acupressure sedating points on bladder meridian. Bladder meridian governs the nervous system and RSD is a nervous system disorder. Third, since this is a triple warmer overreaction, doing the various techniques suggested in Chapter 8 for sedating triple warmer may also address the problem. I suspect that one, or some combination of these interventions, will give your patient enough immediate relief that she has a sense of hope and will continue to find the energy-oriented remedies that will completely overcome her condition.

EverettReflex Sympathetic Dystrophy – RSD