Sixth Chakra Opening

I have always wanted to develop my psychic awareness, and I have been an on-and-off meditator for years. But meditation is very slow, at least for me. It is very hard for me to get out of my mind, and I actually don’t know if all my meditating has really lead to any progress in terms of psychic abilities. I recently heard you speak about using energy methods for opening the third-eye chakra, and how this can open a person’s psychic awareness. This interests me very much, and I wonder if you can tell me more about how to go about this. But I also heard you say that opening the sixth chakra can be like an "explosion." This scares me. Please say more.

By "explode," I mean that suddenly where energy had been prevented, it moves in with power and freedom, filling up the space, just like a glorious light show. Be assured this is a good, wonderful type of "explosion." There is no pain, just gain. Nonetheless, some people are terrified when they start to see colors or open their psychic awareness, and it can be very helpful to seek out someone who has already been there. Also, in rare cases, a "kundalini awakening" can be traumatic, but this is unusual and should be the topic of a different discussion. The one piece of precautionary advice I would emphasize is that as the sixth chakra is opening, be sure to re-balance all your chakras and keep them in a good balance. Here are three of the many techniques for moving through the obstacles to opening the sixth chakra:

  • Place your bent fingers in the middle of the back of your neck. Pull your fingers forward, toward the sides of your neck, raking your neck with some pressure. Do this 3 times. Then place the middle finger of one hand into the center indent at the base of your head and the middle finger of the other hand at the point at the very top of your head and hold for a minute or two.

  • If too much mental energy is interfering with the sixth chakra's opening, the following helps the energy move out of the mind/sixth chakra area. Lay in bed or otherwise get comfortable and do some simple relaxing/centering meditations (such as "Notice Breath, Soften Belly, Open Heart") and place your hands over your belly (second chakra). Let all of your consciousness drop down into your second chakra, and let your being move into a reverie of gratitude and connection.

  • When you reach that reverie of gratitude or connection, gently "tap it in" at the third eye point. Do this as well at other times you are experiencing joy or happiness.

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