Suicidal Depression

I have a close friend who is the father of four children. He is caught in a terrible depression, and he recently tried to kill himself. Is there any way that energy work can help him?

I feel for your friend and his obviously desperate situation, and I know that you must be very concerned. In addition to whatever professional help you can get him to seek, there are some energy techniques that could improve his state of mind. Try to get him to do the 5-minute "Daily Energy Routine" (Chapter 3 of Energy Medicine) at least twice a day. This will immediately help organize some of his basic energy patterns. Whenever he feels unable to handle things or out of control or particularly depressed, have him do a "hook-up" in that moment (Energy Medicine p. 119). All of this he can do for himself. The following will need someone else’s assistance:

Find out if his energies are flowing in a homolateral pattern by energy testing him while he looks at an "X" and then again while he looks at a pair of parallel vertical lines. He should energy test strong on the X and weak on the parallel lines (this indicates that the energies are crossing over properly between the left and right sides of his body). If you get any other result, have him do the "homolateral crossover" (Energy Medicine pp. 233 – 235) instead of just the cross crawl during his daily routine.

Hold the main neurovascular points (the "Oh, my God" points, Energy Medicine p. 90) on his forehead for several minutes. These points not only help to soothe the emotional system, they also help us to think better.

Balance his chakras (see Energy Medicine Chapter 5). They are a key component of the energy system. They store information regarding our past, our current challenges, and our emotions. And they energetically connect us to the universe. Having them in balance can help him make a tremendous difference in how he feels and in how clearly he can think.

Trace figure eight patterns slowly in front of his face several times and have him follow the patterns with his eyes. This creates a neurological effect that can help loosen the grip of long-standing depression.

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