Testicular Pain

I have been studying your book (Energy Medicine) and using your techniques. I have reached a stumbling block, however, with my 16-year-old son. He has been having chronic intermittent swelling and pain in his testicular area, specifically the epididymis. He had to have one testicle removed when he was three because it torqued and sucked into his abdomen. For the current problem, a urologist has been following him for 2 or 3 months, and we have had an inconclusive ultrasound done. My gut feeling is that he does not need exploratory surgery. When I do energy testing on him, his circulation-sex and triple warmer meridians, among others, are weak and painful. I have traced them backwards and forwards, done a spinal flush, a chakra exercise, the 5-minute routine, and sedated and then strengthened both the circulation-sex and triple warmer meridians. Today I got the triple warmer to test strong afterwards, however I cannot get the circulation-sex meridian to test strong no matter what I try. 
He also consistently experiences pain in his testicle and his groin every time he or I do the hook-up procedure. Can you offer any suggestions?

While it is always guesswork when I can't see a person's energies and how they respond to various interventions, I do have some guesses:

Circulation-sex and triple warmer sit together on the same basic rhythm (Energy Medicine Chapter 7) and often play off one another. Since you've not been able to get circulation-sex strong, I would look to its opposite force, which is stomach meridian (see "wheel" on p. 126 - Energy Medicine). I would sedate stomach using the acupuncture holding points (p. 120). It may be the meridian that can take away even the swelling and the pain.

I believe that the "hook-up" is actually activating the penetrating flow, one of the strange flows (Energy Medicine Chapter 8), which goes right through the testicles. You might see what his reactions are if you slowly travel up central meridian, holding two points at a time for about 10 or 12 seconds (on the midline, one with your right hand, the other with your left), and then move up the meridian, going to the next pair of points. I would also hold the spleen strengthening acupuncture points as spleen governs swelling and infections. And I would not do the hook-up for now because it seems to be moving the energy enough to cause pain, but not enough to help with the problem.

I would also "chakra clear" (Energy Medicine Chapter 5) the painful area, treating the area as a chakra. Ask him whether circling in one direction takes away the pain more than the other direction.

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